5 Tips from Isabella from Au Vodka

Written by Teresa Zawieja, Social Media Executive

5 things we learnt from Isabella from Au Vodka.

Au Vodka emerges as a familiar name in the vodka and beverage sector, marking its territory with innovative and disruptive marketing strategies. Although relatively new to the industry, it has swiftly climbed the ladder to become one of the paramount vodka brands in the UK, while also gaining substantial international acclaim.

The brand’s meteoric rise can be attributed significantly to its dynamic marketing, events and social team, who have proficiently navigated the competitive landscapes of the beverage market to establish Au Vodka’s distinctive identity and global appeal. The team’s unconventional and creative approach has not only elevated the brand’s presence but has also reshaped traditional marketing within the beverage industry. Isabella Williams, who is Au Vodka’s Marketing & Social Manager was a first guest of The Cusp’s new series – Marketing Heroes Wales. The interview can be found on The Cusp’s LinkedIn. However, if you want to get a grasp at marketing from Isabelle’s perspective, take a quick look at the 5 marketing tips that she has given us:

  1. Create a recognisable product:
    When you look at other vodka brands, they usually look quite similar. Au Vodka has decided to approach it in a quite different way. The golden bottle can be easily distinguished among others, usually plain glass bottles. This gives the marketing team a lot of new ideas to promote their beverages and is consistent with the brand guidelines.
  2. Plan the timing of your campaign:
    Timing is everything. Even the best campaign can turn out to be a disaster if it is launched at the wrong moment. Take into an account the time of the day, as well as any important events that are planned in your company and are happening in the world. Isabella has given an example of their campaign with Jake Paul. It was such a big success not only because of the amazing work done by the team. At the same time, the YouTuber had another viral activity going on and it naturally created more buzz around promoted products.
  3. Create a base for your social media content:
    Creating new, engaging content can be quite difficult. Au Vodka’s marketing manager said that her team usually has some kind of a foundation that has already succeeded. It is much easier to implement new ideas and trends with the already existing base, than to have to create something from scratch every time! However, the foundation needs to be flexible enough to fit in with the latest trends and guidelines.
  4. Check legal guidelines:
    Advertising products, such as vodka can be challenging. There are many laws and rules that prohibit certain activities. Isabella has shared that in Au Vodka every part of the content is thoroughly checked by their legal team. Moreover, they also regularly review community guidelines given by the social media companies to stay on track.
  5. Don’t be afraid to use TikTok:
    Isabella has emphasised that TikTok is the app to be on! This social media platform offers marketing teams a different approach. You can simply let your company look more approachable through unpolished, but still professional videos and join emerging, fun trends!

Those 5 tips are only a part of the Au Vodka’s marketing insight that Isabella has given us. If you want to know more, watch the interview on our LinkedIn profile. Our guest spoke a lot about TikTok and its practicality in building a successful marketing. If you are interested in this part, we have created the TikTok Growth Guide that you can download for free.

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