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Connect with more students & parent influencers
We have collaborated extensively with many educational institutions, such as universities, colleges and independent schools, to elevate their marketing effectiveness.

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Services for Education


Digital Marketing & SEO

Enhance your education’s marketing advertising and website for better visibility, creating engaging content to attract and retain students, and utilising social media platforms effectively to increase outreach and engagement.


Branding & Identity Development

Essential for educational institutions to establish a strong, recognisable brand. This service involves developing a unique brand identity, including logos, color schemes, and a unified message that resonates with potential students and their influencers.


Targeted Advertising & Recruitment Campaigns

Specialised campaigns designed to reach prospective students where they are most active, such as on social media platforms, educational forums, and relevant websites


Why choose our education marketing services?

Customised Marketing Strategies

We have a proven track record of excelling in creating customised marketing strategies that align with the specific needs and goals of educational institutions, effectively conveying their values, strengths, and offerings to the target audience.

Expertise in Digital Education Landscape

The Cusp possesses a deep understanding of how prospective students interact with digital media, what channels they use, and how they make decisions about their education. 

Data-Driven Insights & Analytics

By analysing data, The Cusp can identify what strategies are working, where improvements can be made, and how to optimise the marketing budget for maximum impact.

Our Process

Trust The Process

Cusp’s 4 step process to deliver your version of success:



We are genuinely curious about your data, comprehending your distinctive needs and goals.



Next, we extract profound insights from your data, revealing concealed patterns and opportunities.



We craft compelling messages that speak to your audience, resonating with their interests, needs, and aspirations.



Finally, we create user-friendly data visualisations and strategies that resonate with your audiences.


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