TikTok Growth

Written by Teresa Zawieja, Social Media Executive

TikTok: A new way to engage with your audience.

TikTok is often seen as just another social media app that allows its users to upload short videos. However, nowadays it is much more than that. The platform is a centre of authenticity, trends and creativity. In 2022 there were 879 million global downloads and the average user spends more than an hour a day on the app. If your company isn’t on TikTok yet or you’ve struggled to get engagement, take a look at our guide for top tips and best practice.

Boost Your TikTok numbers
Even though TikTok is quite an innovative app, some ground marketing principles still can be followed to achieve success. Identifying the target audience and being consistent should definitely be your top priorities. Being relevant by joining popular trends and using suitable hashtags won’t harm you. It will show your followers that you not only know what you are doing, but also are not afraid to have fun.

Grow Your Audience
TikTok is all about creativity. Try some new ways to promote your business. You can share your account on other social media platforms and use popular sounds to enhance your reach. Post when your audience is active and can engage with your videos. The best time to share your content is usually between 2 pm and 6 pm on weekdays.

Content Tips
Content is a key in communication with your audience. Users see millions of videos everyday and only some of them grab their attention. Record your videos vertically, centre your message and remember that you only have around 1.3 seconds to intrigue potential followers before they move onto the next video!

Jumpstart Your Content
Show your audience who you are and what your company can offer them. Allowing people to take a peek behind the scenes can present your business as authentic and fun. Having a mascot that the brand can be identified with, can also help to create a loyal audience. On top of that you can also share your knowledge in a tutorial video format.

Extra areas to Explore
TikTok is a continuously developing app. Use the live feature to connect and create a stronger bond with your audience. The app can be also used as a tool to sell your product – use your live stream to grab the attention of your customers. Moreover, the app is a great search engine. Look for relevant trends, hashtags, and offers given by your competitors to enhance your knowledge about the platform.

TikTok can be used in many ways. Its various features undergo constant developments and improvements. It offers limitless opportunities to engage with your audience and attract new followers. If you want to boost your follower count, download our TikTok Growth Guide today.


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