Speaker: AU Vodka – Isabella Williams

Unveiling the Marketing Magic: AU Vodka Takes the Spotlight on Marketing Heroes Wales

In the dynamic world of marketing, success stories that inspire and educate are invaluable. This is precisely what The Cusp’s new live LinkedIn series, “Marketing Heroes Wales,” aims to deliver to audiences. The spotlight is set on our first special guest, none other than the renowned AU Vodka, a Welsh sensation that has taken the beverage industry by storm. Leading the discussion is Isabella Williams, the Marketing & Social Manager of AU Vodka, whose insights are bound to offer knowledge and inspiration to aspiring marketers.

Discover the Journey of AU Vodka: A Welsh Triumph

AU Vodka’s journey is a testament to the power of innovative marketing and sheer determination. The brand’s origin story, rooted in the collaboration of two visionary minds in Swansea back in 2015, led to the creation of an iconic brand that has made its mark not only in Wales but across the UK and beyond. With their striking gold bottle design and a distinct character, AU Vodka has captured the hearts of consumers and propelled itself to unprecedented heights.

Isabella Williams: Sharing Insights from the Top

Marketing & Social Manager of AU Vodka, Isabella Williams, is set to be a beacon of knowledge in the upcoming episode of “Marketing Heroes Wales.” Having played a pivotal role in the brand’s rise, Isabella is well-equipped to shed light on the social strategies, challenges, and innovations that have driven AU Vodka’s success. Her expertise is poised to offer viewers a unique opportunity to delve into the mind of a team of marketing maestros and gain invaluable insights that can be applied to your ventures.

Claiming the Title: UK’s Fastest-Growing Company

One of AU Vodka’s recent remarkable achievements is being recognised the UK’s fastest-growing company. The secrets behind this triumph are eagerly awaited by marketers and entrepreneurs alike. By reserving a spot for the webinar, attendees will be treated to a firsthand account of the strategies that led to AU’s success. The conversation promises not only inspiration, but actionable insights that can be incorporated into various marketing aspirations.

Reserve Your Spot Now

For those seeking inspiration, knowledge, and a front-row seat to the marketing brilliance that propelled AU Vodka to the top, “Marketing Heroes Wales with Isabella Williams is our must-attend event. Reserve your spot now at this link and mark your calendars for a date that promises to be insightful and enlightening. Join Isabella Williams and The Cusp team as we unravel the captivating marketing journey of AU Vodka, proving that with vision, innovation, and strategic marketing, Welsh brands can shine on the global stage.


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