Decoding Generation Alpha: Five Essential Insights

There’s a new generation on the scene, Generation Alpha (or Gen A for short). They’re the latest generation that brands and marketeers across the world are gearing up to serve, but who even are they? Here’s five facts you need to know on Gen A, and why they are so important to your brand. 

Alpha by Name and Era: Pioneering the 21st Century
Generation Alpha are named after the first letter in the Greek alphabet. With Gen Z going before them, Generation Alpha represents the first generation who are wholly born in the 21st century and therefore the start of a new alphabet is apt.

Emergence of Gen A: Born from the Mid-2010s to Mid-2020s
The Gen A group are currently between the ages of 0 (or not yet born!) to 13. This matters, because it means that Gen A are now becoming consumers and making buying power decisions. Some of them are even becoming the latest entrepreneurs in residence.

Gen A may feel very young, but they are already consumers and in 2023 brands are starting to recognise the importance of understanding this new generation.

They’ll be entering the workplace in 3 years time, and will soon make up the majority of students, consumers and workers.

The Unprecedented Size of Generation Alpha
By 2025, there will be an estimated 2.2 billion people in Gen A and with a growing population, they’ll be the largest generation ever. That’s a large target audience that is currently being untapped!

They’ll be entering the workforce in a few years
As with any generation, their unique experiences and perspectives on life will change their expectation of the workplace. 

Having always lived in a world which is technologically progressed, with fast internet and multiple devices and online services, they are technologically savvy and they will expect their workforce to be too. They’ll expect AI tools, technologically streamlined processes, and visualised user experiences at each stage. 

They’ll also expect a different working environment. Having seen their parents working from home during Covid lockdowns (and often beyond), they’ll expect flexible and remote options. They’re looking for leaders who empower them, and employers who value them. 

They’re expected to live longer, be more formally educated and have the most wealth of every generation
Gen A has a positive outlook, and many of the challenges of past generations are unlikely to affect them. However, they still need community, collaboration and social support to thrive. 

Despite their youth, Gen A is already making an impact. Brands are starting to grasp the vital importance of comprehending and accommodating this new generation. With just three years before they make their entry into the workforce, their influence is set to reverberate across the realms of education and employment. By 2025, an astounding 2.2 billion individuals will be part of Generation Alpha – an unparalleled audience waiting to be engaged and understood.

Moreover, Generation Alpha is expected to lead longer lives, attain higher education levels, and accumulate greater wealth than any preceding generation. Their optimism and resilience bode well for their journey ahead, yet they’ll thrive best within a framework of community, collaboration, and social support. Their arrival ushers in a new era of authentic marketing.


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