Review: Top Picks – Best Marketing Campaigns (so far) in 2023

Review: Top Picks – Best Marketing Campaigns (so far) in 2023 =

Step into the world of awe inspiring marketing campaigns and we aren’t even halfway through! These campaigns have captured hearts and minds whilst tackling important topics like environmental challenges, diversity and inclusion and the importance of supporting others. Here’s our top picks 10 best marketing campaigns so far for 2023 for their creative and innovativeness used superbly to form powerful campaigns that will shape our future world. 

#1 Barbie: First Doll with Down’s Syndrome

Barbie has taken a huge step towards promoting inclusivity with the introduction of the first ever Barbie doll with Down’s Syndrome. This campaign is a massive step forward towards empowering young children with disabilities to feel represented and valued. This campaign has been made even more successful with the new release of the Barbie film, whereby children can go and watch their favourite doll to come to life.

First Barbie Doll with Down syndrome – YouTube

#2 TotallyMoney – You’ll Totally Get There

With the cost-of-living crisis currently weighing so heavily on people in the UK, this campaign had an ideal target audience. The financial comparison website launched a motivational campaign to inspire them to achieve their financial aspirations. This campaign uses captivating messages that encourages self-belief in individuals to reach financial success. 

You’ll totally get there | TotallyMoney TV Advert – YouTube

#3 Woodland Trust – Plant More Trees

Environmental impacts are becoming an increasingly talked about topic especially regarding corporate social responsibility. The Woodland Trust did a fantastic job highlighting deforestation as a key issue and encouraging people to take action to combat climate change and preserve natural habitats and inspire people to plant trees. 

We Plant Woods and Trees – Woodland Trust – Woodland Trust

#4 Kleenex: Save the Sleeve

Again, with the environment becoming a hot topic Kleenex cleverly hopped on the trend by creating an eco-friendly campaign. This campaign aimed to encourage people to use their sleeves instead of disposable tissues when possible. The overall goal is to promote environmentally conscious habit and to reduce waste. 

Save the sleeve | Kleenex® – YouTube

#5 British Airways – Take Your Holiday Seriously

British Airways cleverly utilised ‘Out of Office’ as a marketing tool. Let’s be honest, how many Out of Offices have you received in January, and on the flip side, how happy have you been putting your own ‘Out of Office’ on for a holiday? 

The ‘Take Your Holiday Seriously’ campaign plays on the ‘Out of Office’ response, by using that to replace the ‘if you need to get hold me’ slogan. Even more so, the new slogan is placed over a beautiful beach scene. 

This piece of marketing genius is present on billboards, digital campaigns and email subscriptions. 

British Airways and Uncommon London ‘Take your holiday seriously’ campaign January 2023. – YouTube

#6 Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood: Shaping Us

This campaign focused on early childhood experiences and the importance of providing children with a strong foundation for their future. This excellent piece of marketing advocates for positive change for young children in their early years, by creating nurturing environment which supports the well-being and development of children worldwide. 

Shaping Us: Layla’s Story – YouTube

#7 Hilton Hotels & Resorts: Happy Surprise Extras

Hilton Hotels & Resorts are notoriously a high-end brand to use when travelling, this bit of campaign genius absolutely delighted their guests with “Happy Surprise Extras”. This included offering unexpected amenities and experiences to enhance their stay, which demonstrates the Hilton’s commitment to providing brilliant customer service and creating memorable moments for their guests. 

Hilton and TBWA\London launch Hilton’s biggest ever UK ad campaign to support the global brand platform, ‘Hilton. For The Stay’ – News (

#8 Pregnant Then Screwed: A Cry for Help

Pregnant Then Screwed created this campaign to advocate for the rights of pregnant women and mothers. This powerful campaign highlights workplace discrimination with thought-provoking advertisement and stories, this campaign calls for support and fair treatment for working mothers. 

Pregnant Then Screwed harnesses the power of a baby’s cry to tackle the childcare crisis – Marketing Beat (

#9 The Rail Delivery Group: Nothing Beats Being There

Due to the pandemic people weren’t allowed to meet as usual, therefore, The Rail Delivery Group launched a campaign promoting the importance of the physical presence and human connections. They do this brilliantly by emphasising the joy and unique experiences that can be better enjoyed together. 

Nothing Beats Being There – YouTube

#10 Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation: Extraordinary Ordinary

The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation launched a campaign honouring the life and legacy of Stephen Lawrence. This individual’s tragic murder was the catalyst for a movement against racial injustice. This campaign was brilliantly put together by storytelling, awareness initiatives with the aspiration being to inspire change by promoting the extraordinary potential within each individual no matter race, ethnicity or gender.

Stephen Lawrence Day 2023 National TV Advert – YouTube


In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, the campaigns of 2023 have emerged as beacons of inspiration, igniting change and promoting inclusivity. These extraordinary endeavors have showcased the immense power of marketing to make a real difference in society. With each campaign, individuals have been motivated, conversations sparked, and a lasting impact left on our collective consciousness. And the best part? We’re not even halfway through the year.


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