Marketing in Practice: Anisha Patel Internship Case Study

Anisha worked as The Cusp’s Social Media Executive. She applied for the internship through Career Boost at Swansea University. The internships offered by us are a space for self-motivated and creative people with passion for marketing and allow them to develop needed skills for the profession. We have asked Anisha to reflect on her time with us and share what she has learnt.

For any student who is thinking about going down the ‘Career Boost’ route, my advice would be to grab every opportunity that you can!

The Cusp – a great place to start your career
“My time at The Cusp as a Social Media Executive was absolutely incredible as I got to experience so much more than I anticipated, such as working with clients on their social platforms as well as The Cusp brand and identity itself. I was able to use my communication skills in a professional manner and apply the theory I was taught throughout my time at Swansea University.”

Lessons learnt
“I have learnt various lessons during internship, such as meeting tight deadlines, and producing content for the real world as opposed to what I was used to within university assignments. I had been working closely with the editing software tool Canva, and learnt how to create visually pleasing templates for advertising. This is a skill I will carry with me in my future endeavours as I feel as though I have gained so much more confidence as well as practice than what I had initially within marketing theory.”

Teamwork makes the dream work
“I was fortunate to have worked alongside a strong-minded and passionate team of fellow marketers – we were able to sufficiently work together and could bounce various ideas off of each other. Having taken this step as an intern has provided me the confidence in moving forward with my career as I was made to feel confident within the work I had produced at The Cusp. I also highly appreciate that the team were so understanding as if a technical term had arisen that I was unaware of, I was provided with support and accurate guidance to fulfil my role.”

Put theory into practice
“The lessons I have learnt overall during my internship have taught me the importance of professional communication as well as managing content on a deeper scale than what’s presented within literature theory.”

The Cusp
The Cusp