Illuminate LinkedIn Algorithms

LinkedIn is often assumed to be the “boring” platform and I frequently hear people say that the “I’m excited to announce” posts make them cringe. However, with over 930 million members across 200 countries, it can be a powerful tool, which when utilised effectively can help you grow your network in both a personal and business sense. 

But what does it even mean to utilise LinkedIn effectively? Don’t you just post professional events and workplace updates?

All social media platforms have an underlying algorithm, which decides whether to push your content to a wider audience or to hold it back. This system takes into consideration a wide range of factors before deciding whether your post is worth sharing with a wider LinkedIn audience. 


These factors include everything from the quality of your content, whether it’s relevant or trending, to hashtags, to time of posting, to grammar and so much more and then you have other elements to understand such as the quality and completeness of your actual LinkedIn profile and networks such as LinkedIn pods, which are designed to enhance interactions and expand your reach. But how effective are these factors? 


Fortunately, these are the kind of topics  that we’ve spent hours researching, so you don’t have to. We have compiled a comprehensive guide that offers insights, tips and hacks – you can Download your copy here: LinkedIn Luminosity – Maximise your LinkedIn Opportunity with Best Practices Guide.  


Did you know that the interactions you gain within the first hour of posting will determine whether your post thrives or gets lost from the LinkedIn feed.


Your post will be filtered into one of three categories: Spam, low quality and high quality – master the art of engaging posts, and sign up to find out how to make your posts fit into the high quality category.


Less is more when it comes to hashtags; LinkedIn recommends 3 to be the best number.


Inside LinkedIn Luminosity – Maximise your LinkedIn Opportunity with Best Practices Guide you’ll find an in-depth set of research and advice on how to optimise the LinkedIn platform, to gain interaction and to find out what kind of content LinkedIn followers are looking for.

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