Tour of Britain

The Challenge:
The prestigious Tour of Britain’s final leg was set to grace the roads of Wales, presenting a unique opportunity for Visit Bridgend to showcase the region’s lesser-known treasures. The goal was clear — to illuminate the path less traveled and attract both local and wider audiences to the charming eighth stage of the tour.

The Strategy:
Our mission was to craft a campaign that not only highlighted the Tour and Visit Bridgend but also captivated the hearts of potential visitors. We aimed to entice them to explore the nooks and crannies of Wales that typically slip under the radar.

The Creative Solution:
Our team embarked on creating an integrated campaign that seamlessly combined the branding of the Tour and Visit Bridgend, artfully weaving together Welsh and English narratives. At the forefront of our strategy was a visually stunning flyover video, offering a bird’s eye view of the entire Stage 8 route.

The Execution:
To ensure maximum reach, we launched a finely-tuned paid media campaign, strategically targeting audiences with the propensity to be charmed by Bridgend’s allure.

The Impact:
The results were nothing short of remarkable. Our campaign struck a chord with over 30,000 individuals, generating a whirlwind of 3,000 clicks. Most impressively, the engagement rates shattered industry benchmarks, tripling those of typical tourism campaigns.

The Conclusion:
Visit Bridgend’s call to discover the undiscovered resonated far and wide, proving that even the most hidden gems could become the highlight of an international event. Through innovative marketing and a touch of local charm, we brought the spotlight to the beauty that lies just off the beaten path.

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